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Active Shooter Risk and Safety Assessments for Schools, Churches, and Business

Threat Vulnerability / Risk Assessments

Security Program Assessments

We use a comprehensive and holistic approach to identify strengths and weaknesses. CCI Risk Analysis provides proactive, focused, and tested solutions and recommendations to your team that are confidential, unbiased, and product-free services you expect and deserve.

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Risk Assessments / Analysis

The most important aspect of the threat mitigation process. Separate from Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Assessment Analysis is an ongoing and critical component.

Together we can plan and implement a safer environment for your organization. Active Shooter preparedness and response strategies provide results today for a safer tomorrow. CCI Risk Analysis is fully insured to protect you before, during, and after all services offered.

Let our experienced and board-certified staff assist you with your goals, planning, and implementation today!

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Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessment

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Our process uses the five primary functions of a practical threat-risk vulnerability assessment.

Once completed, our certified staff will be able to help you with solutions that can be immediately implemented for success.

We are here for you today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Risk Assessment / Analysis

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This ongoing process identifies vital assets and gaps within your protection of critical assets, security policies, and procedures and determines the success of your overall security system.

Mitigation strategies begin with prevention efforts that include our professionally certified assessment processes.

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