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Steve Dudak is an accomplished ASIS Board Certified Protection Professional and ACPI Certified Security Assessment Specialist with over 25 years of experience in law enforcement and security. Steve takes pride in fostering positive working relationships with his clients while providing strategic security advice and guidance to his business partners. Steve's diverse background has proved valuable during his career. Steve began his security career in 1979 as a security guard in the corporate world. In the 1990s, Steve held security positions in loss prevention and armed guard services within the financial sector. After earning an AAS in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in 1991, Steve began a successful law enforcement career, leading to his retirement in 2018.

Steve has extensive experience in protecting assets and threat risk mitigation while protecting our infrastructure in all sectors of business, houses of worship, schools K-12, and universities. Steve has established himself as an expert in the field, working with business sectors, schools, and places of worship. As a member of ASIS, USCPTED, and ACPI,  Steve remains current in security crime prevention and risk assessment practices throughout the industry. Steve is currently serving as the ASIS Vice Chair of the Hospitality Entertainment and Tourism Steering Committee.

Steve has successfully provided threat risk vulnerability assessment, active shooter awareness and response training, and risk management awareness and mitigation throughout the United States.

Steve has advanced specialized training in situational awareness, conflict de-escalation and crisis negotiations, workplace/ domestic violence awareness, active shooter readiness assessment, physical security planning, and threat assessment. Through continued education, conferences, and certifications, Steve continues to keep current with national trends in physical security asset protection, violent encounter awareness, mitigation, and workplace violence prevention.

Over the past decade, Steve has provided active shooter awareness, and response training across the U.S. Steve continues to provide physical security risk and vulnerability services designed to enhance safety and security to organizations and institutions across the country.

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Where It Began

Before retiring from a long and successful career in law enforcement and security jobs over 30 years, it became evident that continuing to protect and serve the public was a passion. Therefore, we established CCI Risk Analysis. Our company provides a valuable service critical to the safety and security of our most valuable assets. We understand that protecting our soft target infrastructure requires teamwork and experience from education, life experiences, and professional certification.

Professional Services

CCI Risk Analysis has received advanced education and board certification in Security Management (CPP) and Security Assessment (CSAS). We are the partners you can trust for your workplace safety. We continually seek ongoing education and monitor new practices to ensure our knowledge.

In addition, we have completed rigorous, industry-specific training and remain committed to providing you with the highest standard of service.

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No-Cost Consultation

At CCI Risk Analysis, our service includes a no-cost consultation to help identify gaps and weaknesses within your organization and assets' security. It helps us determine what is best for your needs. We offer many professional-grade options to match any budget and organization size. Our holistic approach utilizes CPTED concepts and leading industry standards and guidelines. Whether you are a House of Worship, K-12 Education, University, or any business sector, we can provide you the assistance you deserve.

Our Vision

CCI Risk Analysis has the vision to be a nationally recognized security consulting firm. We aim to provide cost-conscious leaders with customized, independently created solutions and strategies. We are continually working to provide premier service in threat vulnerability and risk assessments, workplace safety, and threat and security team checks while focusing on asset protection and mitigation strategies.

Our Mission

At CCI Risk Analysis, our goal is always to provide innovative security solutions to help our customers prevent losses of critical assets, including property, financial, and other tangible and intangible assets. We deliver our guaranteed security and asset protection service by combining ASIS - board-certified staff and state-of-the-art evaluation methods and tools.

CCI Risk Analysis's asset protection services align with the Department of Homeland Security recommendations and guidelines and the American Standards for Industrial Security Standards and Guidelines.

Company Policies

CCI Risk Analysis has a certified staff with the highest knowledge, certification, and ethics standards. We employ ASIS-certified assessors with decades of security and law enforcement experience. Our comprehensive assessment process is not a simple check-the-box process. We ensure delivering professional-grade service to all customers.

Who We Are

CCI Risk Analysis is an experienced security consulting company that has proudly served for over a decade. We closely work with all our clients to ensure the success of their workplace security, and our expert staff is always ready to go the extra mile to maintain the highest standards.

Learn more about our experience, areas of expertise, and how we can connect to your team.

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Recently Served Clients

We have been delivering high-end services to ensure workplace safety. Check out the details of our work for our recent clients.