Site Safety Threat, Readiness,and Risk Assessment

Our board-certified assessment process begins with a short online client survey to create a baseline for discussion and further evaluation. Our security and emergency preparedness assessment provides clients with a comprehensive independent appraisal of safety and security measures already in place. This assessment will identify readiness for unexpected threats and recommendations for enhancing those measures with improvements for your facility. Our emergency preparedness assessment provides clients with options such as:

  • Risk management tool for reducing crime and violence threats, risk analysis, and reducing liability while strengthening emergency preparedness.
  • Community-based relations tool to demonstrate dedication to safety and security as a holistic approach prior to a crisis.
  • Documentation of needs in advance of a levy campaign or grant proposal efforts.

Security risk and safety assessments are site specific to address your needs and are not a pre-packaged check-the-box process. Instead, they are designed to assist you in being proactive, not reactive, with your safety and security plan.

Our board-certified assessment incorporates the following:

  • Improvement and recommendations for creating a holistic approach to community relations concerning site safety and security issues.
  • Potential to reduce liability and risk associated with crime, violence, and disruptive behavior.
  • Identify strategies to enhance and prepare for more secure and safe environments for staff and visitors.

Comprehensive Threat Vulnerability Assessment –

This comprehensive assessment process will include a short client survey which dovetails into an on-site walk-through vulnerability assessment specific to your facility and location.

Our board-certified assessment specialist will evaluate and assess all aspects of your facilities outside, middle, and inner layers of security and safety. This comprehensive process is detail oriented and will include an evaluation of your emergency operations procedures and policies, training methods and plans related to staff readiness in the event of emergencies, site safety plans to include active shooter plans, natural disaster plans, and security and safety team plans and policies. This process includes a confidential final report and a meeting with our assessment specialist to discuss overall findings, recommendations, and resources for improvement and answer questions.

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Site Safety Risk Assessment –

Our Site Safety Assessment is a scaled-down version of our Comprehensive Threat Vulnerability Assessment process, which addresses site-specific asset protection issues. Typically, clients should perform this type of assessment process annually to ensure their policy and procedures and emergency operations plan/ site safety plan is current and prepared to withstand the test of an emergency or crisis. Our team is ready to partner with you to ensure that your facility is prepared for the unthinkable and unpredictable. We offer an experienced outsider perspective that can add value to your process by finding things overlooked from within.

Tested and ExperiencedSecurity Consulting –

Improving your security posture is more than feeling as if you are prepared. Anything you do generates results, and our certified and experienced staff is here for you. Let us partner with you and get results, regardless of your concern or needs for overall securitysystem improvement.

We offer support services in the following areas:

  • Readiness, Awareness, and Response
  • Emergency Operations and Planning
  • Site Safety and Security Planning
  • Security Team Assessments and Policy and Procedures
  • Facilities and Properties Security Planning
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